Document Conversion and Management

CBS provides Document Conversion and Management Services by using a collection of integrated tools that converts paper documents, including charts, etc.  into electronic form, which can be stored in various media forms such as hard drives, removable flash, web sites etc, which can be stored, shared and used in your business.


CBS provides the right Document Conversion and Management Solutions to help you streamline your everyday business process, comply with industry and government regulations and improve operational efficiencies across many areas of your business.


Document Conversion and Management is an overall business Strategy based on digitizing print information so that you can manage and share business information efficiently. We provide well designed solutions to help your business reduce filing and distribution costs, protect and improve quick access to information and provide a solid disaster recovery and preservation of program


CBS chooses the right hardware and software for your
Document Conversion and Management solutions by
evaluating your needs and defining your requirements
and goals.


We start by understanding where you are now, detail where you want to be and build your solution and evaluated the effectiveness.


As any technological project today, we have a variety of choices before us to provide you with the solutions that you need.


We can provide and design a solution that can handle your current needs while keeping the door open to integrate advanced tools as your needs change and grow.